Ode to the Beard ~

And...so it is!  Beards are booming and rightfully so. Men's grooming is re-emerging and is so much more than just a niche market. Although the popularity and acceptance of the beard has ebbed and flowed throughout history...scholars of the beard are here to stay.  In the 18th century men were almost entirely “clean-shaven,” and being told the face of the so called enlightened gentleman was smooth. Anyone who opted for facial hair was considered radical. Growing a beard was a rebellious act, reserved for outcasts and renegades. All that changed in the 19th century with beards becoming a symbol of rugged manliness, good health, strength and vigor. Doctors even encouraged men to wear beards because they thought is was a means of warding off illness. Yet another revival of the beard in the 1960’s brought on having to shave to get that 9 to 5 with the beard gaining yet again an association with political radicalism, counterculture or just being considered a good ‘ole dirty hippie. Luckily today for the most part society is hopefully focusing on more important things while man is finally able to grow his facial hair to his likings. With no need to bust out that razor the beard has no limits now as men from every arena...your average Joe, blue collar, the biker, the hipster, the lumberjack, the dapper gentleman or the ramblin' man have the right to set their face free as simply an Unshaved Society.